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An improbable band with an improbable name, YuR MuM is a blend of anything that’s loud, noisy and comes from the heart. They call it ‘road rage’ rock; a sound best described as Kim Deal, Dave Grohl and Slash getting together for a jam after way too many shots of Cachaça and Palinka. In their own words, “YuR MuM sounds like Nirvana playing Jazz or the Ramones playing Blues”.

From blog ‘The F-Word’ by Cassie Fox:
‘A band whose name makes everyone smile every time it’s said: YuR MuM. Singer Anelise’s bluesy vocals interspersed with heart-stopping punk screams lift Akos’ more trad metal guitar: think a pissed off Suzi Quattro fronting Guns ‘n’ Roses’.

Debut single ‘Igor the Gipsy’ drops 11 Nov on Road Rage Records.

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