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We, Beloved is a 3-piece upbeat rock band with punk rock influences. The innovation and dynamics of the band’s chemistry is what brings everything together. Fans come out not to just watch live music, but to connect with the band, become part of the show and play a role throughout the entire duration from start to finish.

Leading We, Beloved with vocals and guitar is Johnny Mitchell – his powerful riffs and voice tears through the speakers and establishes a melody so catchy, the songs will be ringing in the listener’s ears for weeks to come. On cuts like “Go Go! Oh No!” and “Sing” Jordan Tyler’s bass lines are mastered and impeccably diverse. There is no holding back, he brings the tight, hard hitting shake to every stereo and venue they enter. Andrew Torres displays his passion and skills on the drums, holding the band together with tight, catchy hooks that keep you begging for more time after time. His intricate, solid, fast drumming is displayed on all tracks and fan favorite tracks such as “Tonight” and “Break Me”.

Their new EP “New Beginnings” was released in December 2014 at the well-known Tempe Marketplace Entertainment District, showcasing their new single “Go Go! Oh No!”. Since the release, the band has made several appearances on radio shows; “Freakshow Radio” and “DLUX Radio”, interviews, Zia Record’s “You Heard Us Back When, Vol. 9” compilation disc and performing in large public venues with acts such as Bowling for Soup, Saliva and more. The band is currently nationally promoting the “New Beginnings” EP, planning their 2015/2016 tour schedule and compiling the full length album for release in 2016.

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