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@EGHRocksFeatured on @AnnesRockShow @UnsignedHour Live show tonight from 9pm UK Time at are:…
@EGHRocksFeatured on @AnnesRockShow @UnsignedHour Live show tonight from 9pm UK Time at are:…

“Who are the Surreal McCoys? Your favorite new cowpunk band.” —LA Weekly

The Surreal McCoys are a gritty band of hardcore troubadours who worship at the moonlit crossroads of Americana and punk rock. This sort of makes them an Americana Punk band… to the degree that’s even an actual musical genre.

The McCoys are a roots rock outfit with one foot in the garage and the other on a tippy roadhouse barstool. Their songs recall an era of lesser hygiene but greater guitar riffs, and come wafting through the car radio static of some far-off station as the band careens down the lost musical highway that connects the odd-numbered Hank Williamses to The Replacements.
“The Surreal McCoys are a unique blend of pretty much any musical styling that is cool—nods to The Stones, The Clash, Johnny Cash—and all performed with energy and a whimsical middle finger held high. Best played extremely loud, and with at least two tequilas already in the bloodstream.” —Billy Morrison (Billy Idol, Royal Machines)
The five-piece has played sweat-soaked shows to ecstatic and inebriated audiences all over America, and recorded two full-length albums of original songs: their debut LP, The Bottle & The Gun, and their latest, The Howl & The Growl (street date of September 18, 2015). And they’re not above using the stray music industry insider term like “street date” to show just how “insider” and “street” they can be when challenged.

The band formed at Notre Dame before going their separate ways to pursue vague notions of adulthood, then re-banded several years later after realizing that they were powerless to the gravitational pull of their ragged rock ‘n’ roll collective.
“Straight out of parts unknown, come The Surreal McCoys—a fun and exuberant cow punk act that goes all out in the name of joyful irreverence, and pure rock and roll.” —OC Reloaded
“The Surreal McCoys… any band that covers both The Replacements and Johnny Cash is a band you should pay attention to for the sheer uniqueness of their approach (and their originals are pretty good too).” —DCist

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