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Four humble unassuming guys who share two loves, their own music and music in general. Simple as that. Their songs are thought up and created by lead singer and rhythm guitarist Steve Coffey who dreams up soul searching lyrics that accompany a rousing, anthemic choral climax. The songs are brought to the rehearsal studio where in their own words ‘the magic happens’. Dale Farrow, the bass guitarist adds what can only be described as genius bass licks that sit nicely within the songs yet soar up to heights not reached by anyone in the last 20 years. The harmonies and backing vocals are so neatly inserted into the songs that it is almost ghost like. These are lead by the drummer, Ged Marciniak. The icing on the cake is, Steve Millington. This man gracefully crafts out lead guitar riffs, high fret board chords and harmonics that simply add so much more to a song than any lyric or instrument can. Steve provided the riff and music for ‘Guardian Angel’. Taken from a sample he produced a good 10 years ago, brought it up in a session once, gave it to Steve Coffey who came up with the lyrics and the song structure. The way all good bands work. As a team. No ego, no self-importance, just a craving to get their music listened to and loved.

Between them The Superphone have a wealth of industry experience including fifteen plus years of songwriting, performing, recording/producing, teaching, conducting and directing orchestras/ensembles, arranging, and concert tours abroad.

Their debut EP ‘The Superphone’ was recorded and produced by the guys themselves. Local engineer Keir Stewart took charge of mixing at Inch Studios.

They cannot be pigeonholed as each song has its own sound. They are lively and vibrant on stage with audience interaction a must, they play to their crowd and their crowd love it. They have played and sold out many venues in Manchester and London. Ranging from The Roadhouse, Jabez Clegg, Night and Day, DryLive, The Water Rats, Luxe, The O2 Academy Islington and Jamm in Brixton.

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