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@EGHRocksFeatured on @AnnesRockShow @UnsignedHour Live show tonight from 9pm UK Time at are:…

The MANICS are a trio from Norrköping, Sweden, that has been going since fall 2010. The band produces an upright, uncompromising and honest guitar based sound with lots of melody and energy to it. As inspiration The MANICS cite bands like The Jam, Stiff Little Fingers and Green Day to mention just a few.

The MANICS are a band that stands for Rock ‘n’ Roll if by that you mean music being played LIVE, being played from the HEART and being played with a LOVE for it all!

The band has changed members a few times during the years but that’s just a natural progression. Today The MANICS are stronger, sharper and more creative than ever and there’s more to come. We want to entertain, we want YOU to be entertained, we are The MANICS.


2010 – The MANICS are formed by Peter Aspegren and Gustav Andersson in their native town of Norrköping, Sweden.

2011 – Drummer Niklas Ohlson and bass player Fredrik Malmbecker joins the band.

2012 – Release of debut album “Please panic, it’s…”, the recordings are done in just one live studio take with only vocals and solo guitar being overdubbed.

2013 – Gustav leaves the band and the present shape of a trio is now cemented by remaining members Peter, Fredrik and Niklas.

2014 – The two track single “Drowning//Demons” (b/w “From a Distance”) is recorded and released – soon after this Niklas decides he wants out and leaves the band.

2015 – Introducing new drummer Jonas Gustavsson and by late summer another addition of personnel comes along in the shape of promoter/manager Paul Parker. Enter the studio to record new material.

2016 – Release the 3 track EP Headphones.

The MANICS are:

Peter Aspegren – Vocals//guitar

Fredrik Malmbecker – Bass//vocals

Jonas Gustafsson – Drums

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