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The Crooked

While sitting comfortably under the rock umbrella, The Crooked blend wide influences – from heavy riffs, 90’s desert rock and even elements of blues and soul music. Swelling from dark and mischievous verses to explosive choruses

The band was founded in early 2017 by friends and long-time comrades in the Toronto music scene J.C Sandoval (Dearly Beloved/Die Mannequin) and Anthony Dell’Orso (Of The Bear Bookings). They were soon joined by Mississaugan wildman Russ Shipman on bass and British-German import Neelesh V. on lead guitar. 

Although still a new band, the known profiles of The Crooked’s members created palpable anticipation for the group among Toronto circles. The band held their debut concert at Lee’s Palace in April. In the following months, the group played well attended Toronto shows at The Hideout, The Phoenix, Baby G, Bovine, Cherry Colas and The Mod Club.

The band released their first single and video ‘I Didn’t Know’ in April. They have since adopted a conscious strategy to grow their audience in a visual-oriented music scene. Their second video ‘Tarot Cards’ was released in September and carried a heavy artistic theme. It received an encouraging response from fans and local press. The band is now producing their third single ‘Glove’ for release in 2018. This video will feature a strong narrative intended to create further traction.

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