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Rising from the ashes of Alter The Republic’s flame, bursts forth a new beast – shorter on numbers, louder on sound!

Combining their influences throughout the rock, metal, punk, indie and grunge communities, the trio of Temple Avenue have come to lay their claim to their piece of the rock landscape. The Alt-Rock threesome have gained wide ranging support from their local North East scene, and they’re ready to spread the word to the farthest ears across the globe.

Originally carved out in 2013 as ‘Alter The Republic’, the band have whittled down from five to three members, tightening up not just their numbers, but their sound to become a heavily melodic rock troupe juxtaposing a big raw sound with melodic compositions, based around their 90s influences that will hug you and throttle you all in one sitting. The band’s debut self-titled EP has raised the bar on any expectations their previous two years of work had shown, and they’re not prepared to stop there.

With more writing, more shows, more sweating, and more beards, these guys are just getting started.

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