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It’s been a successful couple of years for Overdrive Orchestra. 2012 marked a memorable event in Overdrive’s career with the release of their album 407 and the making of their first music video. Followed up by their EP Heading East, released in late 2013 and their second music video in 2014. OO has quite an impressive resume for being such a young band.

Overdrive relocated to Nashville TN in 2013, after becoming the fore runner in the Ferris State University music scene. There Overdrive Orchestra headlined a stage at Ferris Fest, an event that pulls in people by the thousands and sold out local venues all over town. After enduring the hustle and bustle of Music City, OO returned home to the mitten to continue their journey.

So now you may ask what the hype is all about?

When listening to Overdrive Orchestra you won’t hear the same thing twice. With their heavy classic rock influence they draw in people of all ages, but with their original material and bold sound they keep people coming back. Overdrive Orchestra is always changing, but they remain pure rock to the core.

What is the future of Overdrive Orchestra?

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