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OTHER ANIMALS: an indie orchestra.
Other Animals are the Australian 9-piece that left Melbourne to relocate to European pastures. Fast forward to late 2016 and the band have finished their debut album: a gargantuan rock opera that underlines the bands eclectic experience in songwriting. The flute, horns, strings and percussion are pure icing. Delicious, indulgent and probably bad for your teeth.

Soundsphere Magazine
“Oh lordy – Loving Other Animals right now, this is an incredible tune.
So excited by what they’re doing. Excellent, modern orchestral alt-rock that soars”

Team Rock
“Metallica, Pretenders, Other Animals & more: Vote for your Track Of
The Week – Other Animals – Oh Lordy
It starts off all soft and pretty, but don’t let that fool you.
Oh Lordy is a big ol hard rocker – a bit like a less nostalgic Rival Sons,
with that blend of soulful vocals and big, stylish riffage.
Watch out for the unexpected violin and flute (plus some more pronounced trumpeting) as the video progresses…”

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