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“Letters To Sam [LTS] is a 3 piece riot grrrl/alternative band formed out of the Long Beach area in 2015. With lead female fronting vocalist, Michelle Lynn known as Miss 44, guitarist Larry Wasan, and drummer Fernando Vazquez, the group has been playing the southbay underground, including the notable Famous Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood.

The band invented its name from, “Sam,” who was the notorious demon who was said to have inhabited the dog who commanded Son of Sam convicted serial killer David Berkowitz to commit murder. Berkowitz was also a letter sorter for the U.S Postal Service, hence the name, “Letters To Sam.” There is also a second meaning deriving from a political aspect which refers to, ” writing a letter to the proverbial iconic, Uncle Sam,” who is the common national personification of the American government.

LTS has opened up for the Brazilian act Project 46, and New York’s Danse De Sade in early 2016.

“We are the Craigslist rejects. We’re the ones no one wanted, so we made our own stage.” -LTS.

In the late, hot mosquito summer of 2015, LTS began to form the trio that now exists today. Founder and guitarist, Larry Wasan, after many failed auditions and facing rejection from other bands, because he did not fit what they were looking for, decided to post a musicians ad of his own on Craigslist to start a band. While auditioning many, Fernando Vazquez, drummer, who happened to be on this side of the border answered the call. Vazquez, being in the LA music scene for a few years, perfected his craft by playing different types of music including: Norteño, baladas, rock and funk, R&B, but always in love with metal music. Being born in a border town, [Vazquez] got exposed to all different styles of music. He grew up as a kid playing in such places as Las Colonias, Altamira, Del Rio, and La Liber. Finally, he made the move to Los Angeles and started playing in LA area bands.

After months of working together, they found vocalist, Michelle Lynn Blasky, of the industrial project, mAgeNta6 at a Starbucks in Long Beach. Originally from Detroit, she was accustomed to producing music on her own with programs on her laptop, which provided her with backing tracks to perform live with at clubs as a solo artist in Michigan. Having come out to the Los Angeles area in 2010 for film school, she felt that something was missing. She says, “When you do the work of a filmmaker, you are capturing the art you create. I want to be the art captured. No one watches a film and thinks, ‘Wow, what a great director, or the set design was wonderful,’ unless you are a filmmaker. The actors are always the ones to be noticed. I was on the wrong side of the camera.” She wanted to give the LA music scene the chance it deserved. She saw Wasan’s ad and replied. The next morning, she received a call at 10am. It was then that the band began to take it’s early shape.

The next step was seeing what they all sounded like together. Briefly, they searched for a second guitarist and bass player with no luck at all. It was decided to continue as a 3 piece regardless of finding a 4th member. “We didn’t want to sit around waiting for a bassist to come along,” says Vazquez. Surprisingly, the trio has been successfully playing the underground music scene without an additional member with no problems as a 3 piece: Guitars, drums and vocals.

They are scheduled to record a 5 song studio demo. Offers to play larger venues and festivals as well as shooting a music video to the song, “Slither,” are ahead.”

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