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RUBEN GOMEZ – Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals – Fresh from Menudo, already famous with a long discography, I’m in a local Jersey 7/11 getting a cup of coffee. I go up to this guy, not knowing who he is and say, “Hey! You look like a singer, I’m doing a gig this weekend. Do ya wanna jam?” …and that’s how we meet Ruben. We’ve been friends every since that day.
JOHN CRISCI – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals – A music major graduate of Wiilliam Paterson, with 10 years of jingle sessions, film sound tracks, producing and engineering. “We lived for the stage performance.” Playing with all the Jersey greats as Ray Gillan of Bandlands, it was a close circle of friendships, musicianship and down right good fun!
JERRY CAPRI – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals – A Bassist who plays his instrument like a lead guitar with the stage presence of a front man, what a combo. Right out of college radio, already a DJ personality, his charisma captivates the audience to make you wonder what is he going to do next? Never a dull moment…
JON ORTH – Drums, Percussion and Backing Vocals – You’d swear he had 4 legs and hands. His understanding of rhythm counterpoint and song arrangement really held us together. A well rounded session player, knew any style and how to compliment the song. A true showman and friend, plus he,swings a mean hammer.
JOHN SEPUT – Keyboards and Backing Vocals – A technical wizard. Always knew how to pad and embellish the songs. From the tonal changes to complicated pretzel chord fingerings, he had it down. He also had the Rack of GOD! You’d swear the heavens were opening up when he laid into the keys. Once he took the stage, you knew KINGS HAREM was law.

Originally from New Jersey, growing up in the mid 80’s, we saw the rise of shopping malls and hair bands. It was a melting pot of music, musicians and fashion. To either be in a band or be seen hanging out with a band was the coolest thing ever. On the local scene rising up in the shadows of Bon Jovi, Skid Row and Trixter alike was KINGS HAREM. Featured on WDHA, the bands notoriety took off at the start of the 90’s. Known for their high energetic stage performances, the band thrived on giving the audience a show remember. Infamous for their after show twister and pasta parties, the band members mostly Italian, were all home grown boys having the time of their lives. 

In the spring of 88′ founding members John Crisci, guitarist and Jerry Capri, bassist, were both performing on the Jersey club circuit in various bands. Like most musicians they were involved in projects that often developed into something else. John fresh out of music college, meet Jerry from an ad in a paper called the ‘Aquarian’. The two personalities hit it off to seek out a drummer to jam with. Performing at a local clubs doing cover tunes was drummer, Jon Orth. The following jam sessions were joined by Jon’s closest friend, keyboardist, John Seput. 

The nucleus of Kings Harem was formed from those jam sessions with John Crisci assuming the lead vocals while the writing progressed. Performing gigs on the local club circuit to work out material and fine tune the show, the band realized it needed a front man to spark up the live performance engine. One night after passing out band promotion flyers on car windshields, John Crisci stopped in a 7/11 coffee shop. There he meets Ruben Gomez at the coffee machine. Ruben had just left the pop band, “Menudo” we started talking and Ruben was invited to sing at the next gig covering the Bad Company song, “Rock Steady” and the rest was history. The energy of that performance was so cool we knew we had something. 

The band headed into the studio to cut their debut album with the newest addition to the line up, Ruben Gomez of “Menudo”. It was spring of 1992 and we spent the year touring the east coast, promoting and working on a good 12 song album. The gigs were so much fun. It was easy to get caught up in the madness of backstage antics and front stage camaraderie. It was the stuff songs are made of if ya’ know what I mean. We were talking with Sony back then, so it was time to concentrate on recording… We finished allot of stuff and mastered a handful to start with to feed to Sony. As fate would spin it, the 90’s grunge scene took off …we never signed with Sony. So we released what we had on our own.
Currently as the music pendulum swings back to hard rock, the original line up has reunited to record their debut album, entitled “All Access Pass”.





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