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Castle Black is a Brooklyn-based rock trio, bringing a powerful and thunderous sound back from the dead, breathing new life into it.  Described as drawing from punk, post-punk, grunge, alternative and new wave, Castle Black refuses to be pinned down to a genre.  The sonic experience is unique, with each song having lyrical purpose, telling a different part of the master picture.  Aggressive female vocals, roaring drums, canny bass and guitar-forward jams collide, staying in your head for days on end.

They have been described as “the kind of band you want to catch on the way up” (New York Music Daily), their “hard-hitting beats reminiscent of Hole’s best songs” (Indiemunity).   Castle Black is “capturing the NY sound with a subdued, crunchy Garage-band sound with a slight L-7-esque edge to their own concoction” (Musically Fresh).

The trio released their first EP,  Find You There,  in August 2015,  with a follow-up single,  Dark Light: A Plague Revisited,  released in May 2016.   Their second EP, Losing Forever, as well as their video for Dark Light, was released October 2016.  Castle Black plays regularly in New York City and New Jersey, including having played both Northside Festival and the Jersey Shore Festival in 2016.  The band has also toured further, including stops in  Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.  Their songs have been played on both domestic and international radio shows, including Grrrl Power Hour, Banks Radio Australia, Vulcan Sound Radio, Rock Radio UK, The Rodent Hour and many more.

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