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@EGHRocksFeatured on @AnnesRockShow @UnsignedHour Live show tonight from 9pm UK Time at are:…
@EGHRocksFeatured on @AnnesRockShow @UnsignedHour Live show tonight from 9pm UK Time at are:…

Alex Zinni, Matt Burtonshaw and Mike Miller met in the third grade. They’ve played together on basketball teams, shared the experience of going to school dances together and began their first band together in seventh grade. “I chose to play guitar and suggested Matt pick up bass. Then Mike decided he wanted in and started drumming.” They continued to play in their first band, Surefire, for several years breaking up in their sophomore year in high school.

Eight years later, they formed again in May of 2016 under their new name Bro Dylan.
Why Bro Dylan? The name was chosen on a whim. With an approaching gig, and reuniting after many years, their set list mostly comprised of Bob Dylan tunes Zinni and Burtonshaw’s previous project, Thread and Needle, would play. “How about we call ourselves, Bro Dylan,” Zinni said in jest.

After playing several successful gigs around town, and getting positive feedback from friends and fellow musicians, the band decided to continue to play under Bro Dylan.

Described as a “power trio” by many, Bro Dylan’s sound is characterized by Zinni’s distinct vocals, dynamic guitar riffs, Matt’s melodic bass lines and Mike’s powerful drumming style.

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