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“Bordertown Devils play bare knuckle punk rock as it oughta be, they acknowledge the past and their influences, especially The Misfits, but they have delivered their debut EP in a style that is very much their own … they deliver a pumped up crossbreed of punk and rock n’ roll that hits the spot on pretty much every track.” – The

With the bands release of their self titled debut EP, Bordertown Devils showcases a straightforward style of punk rock and roll infused with hook-laden choruses and raw-rock guitar chords, hearkening back to old school punk bands such as The Misfits, The Ramones and Social Distortion.

“Sometimes nothings better than strident walls of power chords punctuated with sinewy countrified guitar licks, and a singer who sing-shouts the kinds of simple melodies that Hank Williams crooned all them decades ago … In fact, we down here at Tucson Weekly HQ have been hard-pressed to find any punk rock (here or nationwide) that’s more fun and punchy than the Tucson’s Border Town Devils”. – Tucson Weekly 

The Bordertown Devils are thoroughly steeped in melody and doused in ferocity attacking with a one-two combination of punk swagger and hooky songwriting. If you like souped-up guitar riffs, sing-along choruses combined with pounding bass and drums, do yourself a favor and give the Bordertown Devils EP a listen.

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