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@EGHRocksFeatured on @AnnesRockShow @UnsignedHour Live show tonight from 9pm UK Time at are:…
@EGHRocksFeatured on @AnnesRockShow @UnsignedHour Live show tonight from 9pm UK Time at are:…

BLACK BONE NATION is a South African Hard Rock band formed in the coastal town of Cape Town – South Africa in June 2015.

Vocals & Guitars: Zakk Styles
Drums: Henry Viljoen
Lead Guitars: Brendan Forer
Bass Guitars: Morris Paige

Zakk Styles (Vocals & Guitars) took a leap of faith in 2016 to leave the mundane, corporate world behind in order to follow his life-long passion and calling for music in the coastal City of Cape Town, South Africa. Shortly after this drastic life change, he and a few fellow friends formed a cover band (Emerald Dream 2015 – 2016) with the hopes of entering the local gig scene.
The cover trio quickly made the choice to form their own band due to the number of original material being written. Shortly thereafter, yet another life altering decision was made by Zakk to relocate to Johannesburg, South Africa, due to the music industry demands, and so bringing with the Black Bone Nation name and image along with him. 
The band has since created an unstoppable hard rock whiskey fuelled machine, and continues to record and tour in South Africa.
Their influences have oozed 80’s and 90’s Rock legends including; Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns n Roses to new age and current artists such as Rival Sons and Heaven’s Basement. 
While drawing inspiration from the past and present, the duo created a sound unique to themselves… With a balance between good old school Rock ‘n Roll, and heart chilled blues for those hang-over days. With classic and well thought out, yet light lyrics, the band successfully created their own signature sound.
Black Bone Nation is currently working in and out of the studio on their self-titled EP Album – Black Bone Nation, grinding hard in order to break into the local music scene in 2017 and contributing to be a part of the heart of the South African music community.
A pinch of salt and a shot of whiskey is all you need to join the Black Bone Nation!

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