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Atom Driver is a noise rock/post-hardcore trio hailing from central NJ, culled from the wreckage of three local faves: Buzzkill, Boss Jim Gettys and Good Clean Fun.

Atom Driver is something of a New Brunswick, NJ supergroup. Each member has a distinguished pedigree, associated with many different successful local indie rock, punk, and hardcore outfits. Together, this trio has bundled their deep roots and experience in making music to present a sound both new and simultaneously reminiscent of seminal bands from Barkmarket and Bastro to Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu.

The band released in January, 2017 their debut EP, titled Slackjaw. The 5-song EP was recorded in November, 2016 with Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation. The EP was mixed by Steve Evetts and mastered by Jesse Cannon.

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