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Astral Void are a melodic heavy rock band signed to Holier Than Thou Records and endorsed by Dirtbag Clothing USA.
Astral Void came about when Former Red Leaf front man Andy Martin began performing at local pubs doing solo Electric/Acoustic performances with his own original material. Wanting to form his ideas into a band format Andy advertised online and came across Chris Gedge. After meeting and jamming the pursuit was on for other members to join.

Astral Void recruited Nathan Redgrave and Liam Ramsker, two amazingly talented musicians. With the remaining pieces of the puzzle in place Astral Void bring you their hard work with their first debut EP ‘Blood from a Stone’. A fine mix of heavy rock and grunge, recorded at NRSIX Studios by Justin Brand. The 6 Track EP with its epic guitar riffs, gutsy vocals and solid rhythm section is Astral Void’s first (of many to come), finest creation. SO turn it LOUD! and start singing along !





Music from ASTRAL VOID