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A Modern Masquerade are an alternative rock 3-piece from Edinburgh formed in early 2014 best known for their unique guitar driven groove and their raucous live show. Since their first gig in a Scout Hall in Polmont (a town best-known for its young institution) they have progressed to playing at many key Edinburgh venues including La Belle Angele and The Mash House and are also soon to play at Sneaky Pete’s.

Each member of the band brings a distinct musical background: lead singer and rhythm guitarist Alex Cameron is a musical theatre alumni, lead guitarist and main songwriter Craig boasts a metal background and the drummer Thoms’ has a penchant for hip-hop and prog rock. The band’s live performances have been highlights of their music career so far with Alex often jumping into the crowd to make things a bit more lively.

Their forthcoming single, Shadowboy, was recorded at leading Scottish studio, Castlesound by Garry Boyle and Stuart Hamilton, whose previous clients include Frightened Rabbit, Simple Minds and REM. The 3 Scots bring a Royal Blood-like stomping groove to their newest track while the B-side ‘Mazes and Monsters’ takes lyrical inspiration from Mark Z. Danielewski’s horror novel ‘House of Leaves’.

Each member of the band is now in higher education. Thoms left Edinburgh for university in Aberdeen to study Art, Craig is studying Psychology at The University of Edinburgh and Cameron is part of Edinburgh College’s Popular Music course. This leads to each track containing nuances of each of the band members distinct educational background. Grassie’s lyrics often come across as character studies while Cameron’s are more relatable and influenced by great observational lyricists such as Alex Turner all the while underpinned by Thoms’ energetic, powerful drumming.

A Modern Masquerade are continuing their ascent in Edinburgh’s music scene and plan on visiting more Scottish cities and towns in the coming months, infecting each one with their memorable guitar hooks and no holds barred live display.

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